ACOM Solid State PA

ACOM SSPA remote control and supervision

ACOM Controller is a minimalistic Windows application for controlling and monitoring the operation of ACOM power amplifiers 500S, 600S, 700S, 1200S, and 2020S via their RS-232 remote control interface. It has a small screen footprint and can be set to stay on top of, for instance, a logger.

It connects to COM1 by default but right-clicking the Standby button brings up a configuration menu to set COM port and PA model.

If you don’t know how to build a Windows application in Visual Studio, you can download an executable file from the release link below.  

ACOM Controller Code on GitHub
ACOM Controller Release on GitHub

Forward and reverse power is displayed. SWR is displayed within the reverse power
bar and main cooling fan level is displayed within the temperature bar.
Conditions tripping the amplifier’s protection are displayed using a banner.
For soft errors, clicking the banner will resume operation.
Right-clicking the Standby button brings up the configuration panel